Back to basics

In 2013, I authored a post that helped me share my learning journey with hundreds (if not thousands) of the internet. Then, starting from 2014’ish I started posting on several online communities for developers and engineers. C# Corner, CodeProject, Microsoft MSDN (oh, we miss you…), Stack Overflow and more are a few to name.

I have been too busy for the last 2 years and I almost lost the touch. I have not been posting content online, sharing activities, or interacting with the open-source community. I was not even able to reach out to my friends and people close to me. The changes in my life were huge, and you can say, “life-changing”.

I’m almost there…

Aim for 2022

I am planning to work on some community work as I used to. That is why I finally moved back to a WordPress-powered CSM for my website I have always criticized PHP for its strange language choices, but, it was PHP that came to my rescue.

This year I will work more on the languages that I enjoy:

  • .NET Core / C++
  • C++
  • JavaScript / TypeScript

And write content about my experience with other frameworks and runtimes that I believe are useful for you to quickly prototype your concepts:

  • React
  • Flutter
  • CMS systems

If the situation and the pandemic allow I am also aiming to travel quite a bit and visit local conferences. Last year I was at JFall—the biggest Java conference in The Netherlands. Oh, I almost missed, I have joined Adyen as a Developer Advocate and have been working on very interesting challenges. As you know, I would also enjoy some bits about the latest trends and share my experience, about:

  • Kotlin
  • Go
  • Microsoft and Open Source
  • Native development
  • Cloud
  • Jobs (freelancing, finding work, focusing on what’s important)

For 2022, I have been awarded as MVP by Alibaba Cloud, and CodeProject. I was just trying to keep my feet wet in the waters. However, I would wish to get back into the community though. Not for the awards or trophies, but just to give it back to the audience one more time.

This website

Unlike the previous website, this time I will be using the same domain for almost everything. You will find my technical, as well as my personal journey on the website. During this time, I also applied for and became a Pluralsight author, so I will be sharing the resources—you can request access codes as well.

I have some social channels as well, maybe in the about and other sections you can find details on them. Please do connect with me and I look forward to seeing you all at local conferences (once the situation allows, of course).






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