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  • GitLab Fundamentals – Published on Pluralsight

    TL;DR: My latest course GitLab Fundamentals has been published on Pluralsight and is available for you to learn GitLab’s ins and outs. I have been using GitLab for over 5 years now and I have really enjoyed the benefit that they provided over GitHub–for years before Microsoft bought GitHub. I recently authored a fundamentals course […]

  • CodeProject MVP 2022 Award

    For 6th time in a row, I have been awarded as CodeProject MVP for my contributions in open source and communities.

  • Back to basics

    In 2013, I authored a post that helped me share my learning journey with hundreds (if not thousands) of the internet. Then, starting from 2014’ish I started posting on several online communities for developers and engineers. C# Corner, CodeProject, Microsoft MSDN (oh, we miss you…), Stack Overflow and more are a few to name. I […]

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